In the early 1970’s, a Redemptorist missionary Raymond A. Brennan, CSsR, found an abandoned baby at the doorstep of his presbytery at St. Nikolaus Church in Pattaya.  More children were left towards the end of the Indochina War, following the return of servicemen from the nearby U-Tapao Air Base to USA. An orphanage was later built on the land of the Diocese of Chanthaburi to care for these babies and older children.

The official permit for the Bishop of Chanthaburi to set up a child welfare institute was given in 1978, followed by the registration as “Children’s Home Foundation Pattaya” in 1981. During the past four decades, about 1,000 children have passed through this home. Among them, some 600 small kids have legally been adopted by families from Europe and USA. For children who are not eligible for adoption, education, on top of a safe and loving home, is provided until they graduate with a college or university degree and leave this place to build their own futures.

A school for deaf pre-school children was established by Rev. Brennan in 1982 in the compound of the Orphanage when an orphan was found to have hearing impairment. Most of the students are not orphans but come from poor families in the area. Even though Rev. Brennan passed away in 2003, the work has continued as the charitable work of the local Catholic Church.

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